p1zzal0ver asked:

Hi I will be attending Washington College in the fall :) and I just want to know what I'll be expecting in my first year of college?


Excellent question!

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on getting accepted to WAC and for committing!!! You have taken the first big step of your future!

In regards to what you will expect in your first year of college, the one thing I can honestly tell you is that its simply a transformational experience. I can literally type out my entire first-year experience right now, however, there is no need to as this entire blog is dedicated to my first-year experience as a student at Washington College! I would strongly encourage you to browse my archives and get a ton of great college advice, tips, experiences, pics and all things WAC!

I will leave you on this note though, your first year of college is what you make it, and each college experience is very much different for each individual person. When I first came to WAC last year in the fall, I participated in the pre-orientation program with Sail the Sultana, and that helped me to get acquainted with some friends before the first day of class! I would even recommend start early with making a few close friends in June, during your Summer Advising Day on campus to talk with some of your future classmates! By making friends early will allow you to feel more at home when you come to live on campus in August. Trust me, when Freshmen Orientation rolls around you will be meeting a ton of people but it will be difficult to memorize every single name. That is why its imperative to get acquainted with those in your Peer Mentor group as well.    

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