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Why is it called WAC? What does that mean??

Great question! When I was a freshman, I too found myself curious to know what WAC meant! Nonetheless, what I found was that there are many theories behind what it could me. So I did a little research and spoke to some upperclassmen including an WC alumni from 1942 and I have concluded that “WAC" is the college’s much more traditional name that dates back to it’s founding date, where George Washington wrote in a letter to the President of Washington College, William Smith, stating “Washington At Chester”. Secret to those only that attend or have attended Washington College, WAC is used mostly as a cheering name! 

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    would like to comment that this is a really cool theory but it’s probably because WA is the abbreviation for Washington...
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    Actually, it was always called WC until the late 80s/early 90s when WAC began to be used as a cheer by sports teams. No...
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