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Hi you just answered my question I'm interested in running for class President how does that election usually go?

Ah, wonderful! I am actually running for class president now for the sophomore class! The election process is a bit different than high school. There are no candidate speeches or live elections of those sorts. The WAC SGA Election process runs for about three weeks into the semester and during the first week, there is a petition that you must acquire 50 peer signatures to be placed on the ballot. When the second week rolls around, that is known as campaign week where you are able to hang up posters and promote. During this week there also tends to be a candidate mixer for classmates to meet you and they get to know your platform and ideas for the upcoming year. The third and final week is voting week! That is pretty much how elections are ran here at Washington!  

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How is the Computer Science department @WAC?

Hello and thank you for your question!

Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to answer this question, as I am a Political Science Major, however, below is the link to the college website on the computer science department. There you can explore around and meet the faculty, students, academic requirements, student activites, FAQs, news, events and much more!

Please let me know if you have anymore questions about college life at WAC!