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Spring fling! free Rita’s, cotton candy, popcorn, and bouncy houses. Yes.

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It’s going to be a busy weekend…

One of the great things about being a student at Washington College is that everyday you do something different. Especially on the weekends! I have two events in which I will be working for the first being the Kappa Sigma Fraternity Pancake Breakfast beginning at 5AM-10AM. It is going to be held in town at the Emmanuel Church, We always have an excellent turn out when Professors, staff, students, and local townspeople come out! All the funds raised will be put towards the Fraternity’s Philanthropy which is to benefit Prostate Cancers and Military Veterans! The Second event is the Admitted Students Open House from 10AM-12PM! I will be working inside the EGG on the WAC student panel to answer questions from admitted students about the college experience! BUSY WEEKEND!  

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What a week it has been! All Midterms complete! Relaxation mode activated! Oh and I am now a Brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity!!


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How to Deal with Rejection from Colleges


I just had a student email last night to say she’d been rejected by nine schools. In one day.

Yikes, I thought. “Yeah,” she wrote, “That felt kinda’ bad.”

Are you feeling the sting of rejection? Trying to figure out how to deal with it? Here’s how to deal with it:

1. Let yourself feel whatever you want to feel.

Over the next few days a lot of people will say things like, “Don’t feel bad” and “It’s okay,” but few of these things will actually make you feel better. Why? Because rejection hurts. So let it hurt. Seriously. And don’t let people deny you your experience. Let yourself feel whatever you want to feel.

2. Let yourself feel it for a couple of days.

Maybe a week. Get (and give) lots of hugs. Feel this. It’s part of life too. And then:

3. Remember that this has nothing to do with you personally.

Rejection can feel personal. But it’s not. In 2013, the admit rate at The University of Chicago was 8.8 percent, at Stanford it was 5.69 and at Harvard it was 5.79 percent (Source).

Wanna know what that looks like? This:


See? You’re one of the aqua people. Hi!

Wanna’ know something? I was one of those aqua people too. And I was so disappointed when Harvard rejected me. But the odds were not in our favor. And you know what? They never were. We just forgot.

4. Move on.

How did I move on? I started to research the other schools that did accept me. And you know what? It turned out that they were actually pretty awesome. One of them turned out to be better for my major than Harvard. So I went to that school. And you know what? That school became my dream school. But it wasn’t a passive process. I had to be active. So:

5. Create your dream school.

We tend to think of this passively… like the perfect school is out there waiting to be discovered. But finding the right college fit is an active process. And it doesn’t end when you get to the school. In fact, that’s when it begins. When you’re picking your classes, when you’re applying for study abroad, when you’re meeting new people and joining new clubs… that’s you creating your own experience. Creating the life you want to create. And you get to do do that. Every. Single. Day. Cool, huh?


Want to read encouraging words from really smart people that’ll make you feel better?

Go here.


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